Low Back Misalignment

Low Back Misalignment Treatment with our Midtown New York Chiropractor

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When the bones and discs in your lower back are not in the right alignment, this is known as low back misalignment. This problem can cause mild or severe discomfort that can affect the way you move. At NuView Health Medical in Manhattan, we provide chiropractic treatment for low back misalignment to ease pain and other symptoms. 

Causes of Low Back Misalignment

Your lower spine can become misaligned for a number of reasons. Injuries to your back can throw this part of your spine out of alignment. When your spine is not in the proper alignment, this can end up causing your spinal discs and bones to become weaker and more prone to deterioration.

Symptoms of Low Back Misalignment

It can be difficult to notice low back misalignment at first since you might not have any obvious symptoms. Over time, the wear and tear on your bones and discs can cause inflammation, pain, stiffness and a limited range of motion. This can cause you to stop being able to participate in athletic activities and even make everyday tasks difficult to do, especially if you have to move or bend your back often. 

Low Back Alignment Care from Our Chiropractic Doctor in Manhattan

Our chiropractic doctor in Manhattan can correct low back misalignment, which should ease your symptoms. This involves using chiropractic adjustments to ensure that the bones and discs in your spine are properly aligned. Having the right alignment helps prevent bones and discs from weakening and deteriorating and promotes healing. 

Physical Therapy for Low Back Misalignment

Physical therapy might also help you manage symptoms of low back misalignment. This form of treatment includes exercises that give your back muscles more strength and improve your flexibility, which reduces your risk of developing chronic pain. 

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