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Koren Specific Technique

Developed by Dr. Tedd Koren in 2003, the Koren Specific Technique, or KST, has brought patients real, lasting relief. KST is a way to assess where the priorities are in your nerve system. A hand-held device called Arthrostim is used to make the adjustments and correct spinal stress. Once spinal stress is corrected, your body can return to normal, and healthy function begins.

What should I expect with KST?

Each visit is different for each patient. There are times when you may need to be adjusted in different positions, whether you are standing, sitting, in motion, laying on a table, engaging the cranial nerves, or placed in the position that you experienced trauma/injury in. Visualizations or feelings are often re-traced.

What will I feel with KST?

It is very common to experience a deep sense of relaxation or release of tension in your joints or muscles, thereby increasing your range of motion. Other very common experiences are improved sleep, dreaming or vivid dreaming, tingling sensations, improved moods, normal body temperature and blood pressure, better balanced, improved posture, and many others.

For the more advanced patients of chiropractic care, you begin to reduce the times you become ill, or significantly shorten the duration of a stressed nerve and immune system. Your recovery time is faster if you were to injure yourself.

Some of the most experienced chiropractic patients get regular adjustments prior to performing in any competition, whether it be hockey, football, soccer, baseball, gymnastics, dance, singing, golfing, swimming, hiking, biking, kayaking, or any other sport. Chiropractic care has been long known to naturally enhance performance.

Is KST and the ArthroStim instrument safe for everyone?

Absolutely. KST only involves locating the priorities for adjustment in the body. The AthroStim instrument is used when applied to the area of stress and produces a very light tapping. This is very safe for babies, those who have had spinal surgeries, and other very delicate body states.

If manual adjustment is necessary, Dr. Chwojdak will discuss it with you.

ArthroStim Instrument

Dr. Kelly using KST to adjust a patient

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