Meet Hailey

Health Coach and Doctor's Assistant 

Hailey Sutton is local health enthusiast! She was raised in the Sun Valley area and graduated from Wood River High School. At the University of Idaho in Moscow, Idaho she accomplished a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science and Health. During that time, she also became a Certified Personal Trainer through American Council on Exercise (ACE). Her specialties as a personal trainer include exercise during pregnancy, weight management, and corrective exercise. 

Hailey joined The Wellness Clinic June of 2021 in the role of Office Coordinator and Doctor’s Assistant. Dr. Maria and Hailey have a shared interest in Functional Medicine; looking for underlying causes of any health concerns and using various interventions to optimize the conditions for normal function. Through this approach, they have collaborated to manage patient cases, prepare care plans, and help patients reach their health goals.

Most of her time out of the office is spent with her husband and dog, both of whom bring her immense joy. She frequently goes out in nature to experience all that this area has to offer. She loves outdoor activities such as skiing, rafting, hiking, biking, swimming, and camping. An important component of her daily life is cooking healthy and delicious meals at home and sharing it with loved ones.

Health and exercise are the types of passions that require one to constantly push for the best version of themselves. Hailey is ready and available to help any person that is ready work towards positive change!