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Meet Our Team

  • Dr.
    Joseph Jimenez

    Dr. Joseph Jimenez was born and raised in Davenport, Iowa, the birthplace and fountain head of Chiropractic studies. Dr. Jimenez originally intended on being a math teacher and just over halfway through a math degree he began having trouble with his left leg going numb. Being convinced to go and see a friend's chiropractor changed his outlook and career path. Dr. Jimenez attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and graduated on June 22, 2001. Shortly thereafter in November of 2001 he opened the Sandwich Chiropractic office. The primary techniques practiced in the office are Gonstead and CBP which focus on spinal structural rehabilitation. Dr. Jimenez has also trained in sports therapy at Logan University in St. Louis and Palmer College of Davenport where he has accumulated over 150 hours of post graduate continuing education. He also has completed a hundred hour course in whiplash injuries.

    'In the office, we give patients a detailed program that include stretches, postural and stabilization exercises, denneroll traction devices, and some nutritional advice to promote a healthier lifestyle. We retrain postural muscles to promote proper spinal motion while increasing core strength and stability of the spinal column. Through our treatments, patients recover from a pain oriented lifestlye to a healthier, more youthful, style of life.' -Dr. Joseph Jimenez

  • Katie

    Katie Quinn is a receptionist at Sandwich Chiropractic and owner of Quinn's Grooming Parlour for men in Waterman. In these positions of employment, Katie looks after and manages all aspects of customer service, including helping patients with their scheduling, payments and needed paperwork, and helping clients with all their beauty needs.

    Katie is a qualified in customer care and cosmetology, and holds a beauty license from Hair Professionals Beauty College in Dekalb, IL, where she was also educated in customer service and relations. Katie is no stranger to customer relations with people of all ages. She has nine years experience running a licensed home day care, followed by eight years of experience leading up to her currently running her salon. Katie began her journey with Sandwich Chiropractic in August 2017. Katie loves to help and meet new people, and she looks forward to meeting you!

  • Gianna

    Gianna is an assistant at Sandwich Chiropractic who often works with patients for their therapies, as well as helping the doctor with exams and various other tasks. She is currently pursuing an education to be a doctor of osteopathic medicine.

    Her family moved to Sandwich after leaving a military lifestyle when she was young. She graduated from Sandwich High School in 2009, and went to Aurora University for Health Science. Amidst her courses, she became enthralled with Anthropology and decided to change her major. Transferring to Waubonsee Community College to earn her Associates degree, she also earned four photography certifications. She then began her journey at Northern Illinois University to gain a Bachelor degree in Anthropology. Gianna became extremely interested in learning about different cultures throughout the world and wanted to become a mediator between cultural beliefs and local governments rule. While studying Cultural Anthropology, she also took on anatomy courses, specifically osteology and anatomy of evolution. While studies these courses, she also focused on conservation efforts specifically within primates, and learned Portuguese to help further aid primates within these regions. She earned her degree in Anthropology in 2015 with an emphasis in anatomy of evolution and primate conservation.

    In her spare time, she likes to read, and continue her education with languages such as Portuguese, Italian, and French. She also likes to travel internationally. Ask her where she is currently at in her education as she has begun the process of signing up for med school! 

  • Abby

    Abby has been working at Sandwich Chiropractic since September 2020, while she is currently attending school for nursing. After she earns her degree she plans to continue her education into pediatric nursing. You can see Abby buzzing around the office around her school schedule to work with patients on exercises, stretches, traction, as well as passive therapies. Her interests outside of the office include being outdoors, and walking her doc. Abby loves working for our office and thinks it’s a great, friendly environment!


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