Pediatric Chiropractic Care

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Chiropractors deal primarily with the spine and consequently the nervous system it protects. Misalignments in the spine produce inflammation that puts pressure on the nervous system which is very sensitive to pressure--the amount of pressure that a dime would provide is enough to interrupt signals passing along the nerves. When the signals get interrupted, the body cannot communicate with the brain. In adults, people mostly notice the pain that can go along with the misalignments but it can go further than that to include infertility, heartburn, GI discomfort and other symptoms.

This is the same for children with their pain being expressed as colic but also bedwetting, ear infections and even asthma among other symptoms. When the nervous system isn’t fully expressed, it may lower the immune system allowing children and adults alike to become sick more often and for longer periods.

People are often surprised to learn that newborns may need to be adjusted. When you think about the birthing process, there are many stressors put on the newborn’s spine that are sometimes quite stressful. These stressors cause the misalignments mentioned previously and can cause the newborn pain which leads to a lot of extra sleepless nights for all involved. It can also cause the newborn to have issues with feeding which can stunt their development. Toddlers are an example of why children need to be adjusted. The hundreds of falls they take learning to walk can easily cause misalignments that, if not corrected, can cause pain and future issues. When a misalignment occurs in a child, it is much more easily corrected if addressed promptly. When that child grows up without it being corrected, it can become a chronic issue in the adult requiring longer treatment.

Adjusting children and infants is very different than adjusting adults. Children’s skeletons are mostly cartilage that is slowly replaced with bone as they mature. Their muscles are also developing, which allows the adjustments to correct any misalignments with much less force than an adult. Typically, the parent can’t even tell the difference between palpation of the spine and the adjustment itself because it’s so gentle. As the child grows, the adjustments start to resemble adult adjustments but still have less force. Children should be checked for misalignments at developmental stages such as when they begin to hold their head up, sit, crawl and walk.  

Chiropractors are in-tune with the spine so are likely to notice scoliosis, a lateral curve in the spine. This is important because scoliosis can be debilitating if not addressed. Mild scoliotic curves may be addressed sufficiently with chiropractic adjustments, but many times there are other interventions warranted but early treatment is important to decrease the degree of the curve. It’s important to mention that chiropractic does not treat any of the conditions mentioned above. Your body has an innate intelligence that you were born with that controls every system in your body including healing. Chiropractic adjustments remove nervous system interference that is stopping the body from healing itself. This is similar to getting stitches so that a wound can heal. The body is doing the healing, we’re just helping it along!

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