Dr. Elizabeth Hansen

     Dr. Liz Hansen graduated from Dowling College in New York with a BA in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. After college she began to work in the field of Chemistry and after a few years she was looking for more. Her initial desire was to go to medical school but what happened next changed the course of her studies. An automobile accident occurred on her way home from work one day and she suffered a whiplash injury. Initially she went to an orthopedist for relief but found none. Her mother suggested she see a chiropractor and she did. She was skeptical but open to relieving the pain she had in her neck. When she learned that Chiropractic was an all natural way of allowing the body to heal she was interested but when she had relief from first adjustment she decided to become a Chiropractor. Deciding on the University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College she graduated in 2001 and has practiced in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

     Whether you experience chronic lower back pain or daily headaches, you can rest assured knowing that she has the training and experience to determine the cause of your symptoms and ability to facilitate true healing.

     Dr. Liz Hansen has advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of ailments of the spine, neck and extremities. Her unique method of care comes from years of training and is based on a caring approach which treats you as she would treat a member of her own family. She does not use a "one treatment fits all" technique, but rather treats you according to your specific need, always putting your comfort and safety first. Dr. Liz Hansen prides herself on providing the best Chiropractic care possible, always taking the time to listen to what you have to say, and in turn, guiding you to what will help you lead a healthier life.

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