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    Edward Lauterbach

    Hello! I am Dr. Lauterbach. This is my family, Denise my wife of 32 years, Nicholas 28 & Daniel 21. I am delighted you found us on the web! I have been a practicing chiropractor for over 33 years now! Time really does fly. I started my journey back in New York, where I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Paramus & Glen Rock, NJ.

    My Father became a chiropractor back in 1957, he truly was courageous in entering a profession that was in its infancy, not well respected & certainly no insurance coverage. Patients actually paid for their care, I saw many miracles occur. Many patient's lives were positively affected by natural Chiropractic adjustments. Patents with M.S, Cerebral Palsy, asthma, and much more, no they weren't cured but in those days the options were very limited and Natural Chiropractic care was a true blessing to many chiropractic patients.

    I graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1991 and we practiced together for six years until his retirement. My wife and I decided to make a lifestyle change and relocated to Charlottesville, Va.

    Palmyra was the furthest from my mind, (Food Lion wasn't even here!) After several years other family members moved down and relocated to Lake Monticello, We then moved out to the lake and started our practice.

    At that time there was only one Chiropractor at the Lake, Dr. Barraca of Lake Chiropractic, Bob, and I actually graduated in the same class of NYCC in 1991.

    Our original office was located near the main gate at Crofton Plaza, November 2007 we opened our new office at Gate Plaza, next to Food Lion at Lake Monticello.

    In 2019 we expanded and re-entered the Charlottesville, Va area with our new location, 199 Spotnap Rd. Charlottesville, Va 22911.

    We would be honored to have you as part of our extended family! We provide you with professional experience (more than all Palmyra Chiropractors combined) Friendly, relaxing office, all procedures, and costs clearly defined during your report of findings.

    We treat all ages from children to Seniors... Make the next step call our office, visit us on Facebook, Twitter, sign up for our free newsletters or just stop by and say hello!

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