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Elbow & Wrist Injury

I went to acupuncture, physical therapy and had three cortisone shots from my Orthopedic Surgeon for elbow tendinitis. Nothing worked. For two years I was unable to golf or lift weights, and had constant pain in my elbow. A friend recommended I contact Dr. Boisvert for a chiropractic consultation. Dr. Boisvert had previously treated similar elbow injuries and explained to me the process for recovery. In three months the pain has gone away. Dr. Boisvert not  only treated the injury but took steps to ensure that the tendinitis would not return. He is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and passionate about his care. He is now my primary resource for wellness and sports injury treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Boisvert for any chiropractic needs.

-Mike D.

I used to be a National Archery Champion (Male Modern Longbow 2003), and suffered an elbow injury. I thought it would get better by itself, but it actually went in a downward spiral, until eventually I had to give up archery, and even had trouble squeezing a tube of toothpaste! I went to an orthopedic surgeon who gave me and MRI and sent me to a hand surgeon. Luckily I ran into Dr. Boisvert, who mentioned that he doesn't just help with backs and necks, but also can treat certain sports injuries. After about 4 months of progressive treatment, I am back to doing archery again. Thank you Dr. B!!!

-Peter C.

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "It's really difficult for me to fully sum up just how much Dr. Boisvert has helped me. I injured my upper back when I was only fifteen, and over the years, despite seeing numerous doctors and physical therapists, the pain and knotting continued to worsen. By nineteen, I was terrified that I would be in pain and inactive for the rest of my life. That's when I started going to Bedford Chiropractic and everything changed. Unlike many other doctors, he really gets to know his patients and genuinely cares about each one. Since I first went to Bedford Chiropractic a little over a year ago, my back has completely turned around. I'm no longer in pain, and I'm active again. And most importantly, I can confidently feel like I have an active and pain-free future ahead of me. So, thank you Bedford Chiropractic and especially thank you, Dr. Boisvert, for helping me get my life back."
    Diana Johnson

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