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Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment

As your trusted chiropractor in Tracy, we understand that living with a chronic sports injury can make completing even the most ordinary daily tasks extremely difficult. With many years of combined experience and a dedication to the highest quality patient care, we are proud to provide prescription drug-free treatment options to patients of all ages.

What is a Rotator Cuff Injury?

If you’ve noticed that you are having trouble moving your shoulders without pain, you may be experiencing a rotator cuff injury. Made up of 4 separate muscles in the shoulder joint, the rotator cuff is attached to the upper arm bone and shoulder blade. If the muscles or tendons that help attach the muscles to the bones in this area are injured, you may experience pain caused by a tiny tear in the tendon fibers. Over time, the repeated tearing of the tendon fibers can result in shoulder pain, a reduced range of motion, stiffness, weakness and more. This common injury affects the shoulder joint and can cause a wide range of painful symptoms including:

  • Pain and swelling in the shoulder and side of arm
  • Stiffness
  • A clicking sound when raising arm
  • Pain when reaching towards the back
  • Weakness when lifting or rotating the arm
  • Inability to enjoy restful sleep when lying on the affected shoulder
  • And more

A rotator cuff injury can be caused by a number of different activities including swimming, throwing, hammering or even in auto accidents.

Chiropractic Care Treatment for Rotator Cuff Injuries

Through the use of targeted chiropractic adjustments, our skilled Tracy chiropractor can quickly provide pain relief and help to promote faster healing by reducing inflammation and increasing the natural flow of healthy nutrients to the injury site. Utilizing both manual and instrument-based adjustments allows our chiropractor to treat your rotator cuff injury directly and does away with the need for prescription medications, which are designed to treat your symptoms only.

At-Home Exercises for Improved Performance

In addition to regular chiropractic adjustments, we may also recommend completing easy and effective at-home exercises that will gradually help to relieve your pain and strengthen your shoulder. When used in combination with chiropractic manipulations and other holistic treatment methods like massage therapy, you can enjoy faster healing and get back to enjoying an optimal level of overall wellness.

Simple Rotator Cuff Exercise

Begin the exercise by standing with your feet together and grasp your theraband with both hands, keeping your arms straight out in front of your body. Keep your elbows locked at your sides and your thumbs pointed upwards towards the ceiling. Bring the band outward, then back in, keeping the elbows bent at 90 degrees. Repeat 25 times for a total of 3 sets.

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  • "Dr. Ringer and his team are absolutely outstanding to work with whether you are post injury or just need a good adjustment. They are nothing but professional and helpful - even when you are being a challenging patient! Convenient evening appointments - I have never been turned away for a time to come in. Dr. Ringer taught me the correct exercises to help strengthen my neck and back and took this very fearful and cynical RN and made her a believer!!!! I now look forward to my adjustments because"
    Patricia G. February 2015