Brain Blossom

Brain Blossom Program™

The Brain Blossom Program™ is a treatment protocol for supporting optimal brain growth and development.

Who can benefit from the Brain Blossom Program™?

Everybody! This program is aimed at ages 4-100. This program is meant to help struggles with learning, socialization, behavioral, or developmental challenges.

Why the Brain Blossom Program™?

Think of development like a flower, as it is grows from a seed, everything that happens around it has an impact on what it will be when it’s fully grown. Human development is much the same. Our environments can greatly impact our most basic functions, like the way we move our body, communicate with language, and use our sensory systems. These impacted functions are what we at the Brain Blossom Program™ call Deflective Behaviors™ and they can take many forms. Deflective Behaviors™ can stem from many combinations of factors, but ultimately, they change the way a person learns, behaves, communicates, and socializes. The Brain Blossom Program™ is designed to support a person move on from their Deflective Behaviors™ to a healthier form of processing their environment.

Brain Blossom provider certified by FOCUS Academy:

Certified providers have completed a certification program on working with children and adults with behavioral, learning, socialization, and developmental challenges. The series trains on the developmental trajectory of childhood and the clinical implications of stress and it’s impact on the developing brain. This series assists the practicing chiropractor integrate the clinical pieces of the puzzle to support families impacted by behavioral, learning and socialization challenges to live a better expression of life.
Our certified Doctors who have ongoing monthly training and case support from top Doctors in our field regarding behavioral, learning, socialization, and developmental challenges. Our Doctors are trained to perform a FOCUS Functional Brain-Based Assessment.

This international program has helped thousands of individuals with the following challenges:






Inability to focus


Difficulty in School


Anger or emotional outbursts


Delayed or missed developmental milestones

Struggles to make friends

Can't deviate from routine

Speech delays

And More!

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