Zerona Body Contouring Laser

The Zerona Z6 cold laser works by emulsifying the contents of the fat cell. This means that it liquifies the contents of the fat cells through transitory pores in the fat cells, which then drain into the interstitial space. From here, the lymphatic system flushes out this waste. We have our clients do a vibratory treatment following the sessions to enhance this flushing process. Since we are also focused on healthy digestion, we add on another type of laser treatment to enhance the vagus nerve, which is responsible for digestion.


How does the Zerona work?

The Zerona Z6 produces low-level laser light that is FDA approved for non-invasive body contouring. This type of laser has been FDA approved for fat emulsification. This coherent laser light creates a transitory pore from which the excess far and other toxins can drain into the interstitial fluid. From here, the lymphatic system will flush out the fat and toxins. The beauty of this type of treatment is that there is no downtime - no side effects, no pain, no discomfort or recovery time of any kind. 


What happens to the fat cells?

The fat cell actually collapses but it is not damaged in any way. This is very important as this process will not harm any bodily tissue. The fat cells that are affected are the subcutaneous fat, not the visceral fat. 


Are there any risks with this treatment?

Nope - none. Research has shown that low-level laser treatment (AKA cold laser) is safe and effective. 


Tell me more about how low-level laser light works:

Low level laser light has been around since the 1960's. It works by having a photochemical effect, called photobiomodulation. This process actually increases the ATP in the mitochondria of the cells, which is the cells energy center. Our office offers a few different kinds of low-level laser therapy. We actually do a Vagus nerve treatment with your Zerona treatment to enhance digestion. It is also important to note that there is no heating or cooling to any of the tissues so there is no tissue damage - ever. 


How much will I lose?

While every body is different, the FDA studies showed a loss of 3.62 inches over a six treatment protocol. Some people will notice the loss right away while others will need the full six treatments to notice a difference. Our office will take your measurements, weight and photos for you to help track your progress.


How long does a session take?

We ask you put aside a full hour. The Zerona treatment is 40 minutes (20 minutes on the front side and 20 minutes on the back side) followed by a vibrational lymphatic treatment and a laser Vagus nerve treatment. While we are excited to help you look better, we are also focused on overall health and want you to feel better as well! 


Does it really only take 6 sessions?

Yes and no. There are some folks who will only need the six sessions, but many need more sessions to help them achieve their goals. It is important to note that most body contouring therapies are not FDA approved for people with a high BMI - but the Zerona is FDA approved for those people with a higher BMI.


Do I need to diet or take any supplements? What should I be doing in between my sessions?

While you do not have to diet, it is important to at least stay calorie neutral. Those who combine their treatments with healthy eating and exercise will see their results faster. You do not have to take any special supplements but if you are struggling with metabolic syndrome, etc., Dr. Kathy would be happy to discuss which supplements might be helpful for your condition. 

It is important that you commit to drinking enough water during your treatment period. The proper amount is half your body weight in ounces (if you weigh 200 pounds - 100 ounces of water), not to exceed one gallon per day. For best results, keep caffeine intake low. We have a list of foods and beverages that we give you for some ideas on maximizing your experience.


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