Nine weeks prior to competing in the 2009 Ironman Triathlon World Championships in Kona, Hawaii I came to Dr. Smith with a severe case of plantar fascitis. I had been struggling for months and months to resolve the problem on my own, but to no avail. Not only was my training being negatively impacted, but I was worried about being able to compete. My first steps out of bed each morning had become nightmarish and the pain did not resolve itself during the day – quite the opposite, it seemed to worsen as the day progressed. I tried stretching, I tried the “Strassburg sock”, nothing seemed to help. Not much more than one week after seeing Dr. Smith my pain was drastically reduced. It wasn’t necessarily one particular treatment that Dr. Smith provided that did the trick, but a combination of treatments that he outlined. Not only to Dr. Smith resolve my problem, but he provided the knowledge and steps I could take on my own to manage any flair up in the future. I can now train in confidence knowing that plantar fascitis pain is something I can very quickly successfully address. My Ironman race went as well as I could have ever expected; I had no foot pain prior, during or anytime after the race. Well done, Dr. Smith, well done.


Dr. Smith is a miracle worker! I have never been to a Chiropractor who is so spot on and effective! I always leave feeling great and with a smile on my face because the staff are so welcoming. The best thing that I’ve experienced here is getting rid of my migraine headaches. I would get them a lot and it really affected how I operated. Thanks to Dr. Smith they are totally handled! Thank you Dr. Smith and whole team!


I have had many issues successfully addressed in this office. Three years ago while preparing to walk the Avon 60 mile walk Dr. Smith help me with a knee problem, and all through exercise, and orthotics in my shoes – my knee continues to do well on long walks. Dr. Smith has also helped my back through adjustments and massage. I was better so quickly – it was amazing. I would encourage anyone to see Dr. Smith first when addressing back and joint problems. Also the office staff is so caring and helpful.


When I woke up one morning two years ago, my left foot hurt; I couldn’t walk without pain. I took it to my usual medical doctor who sent me to a podiatrist. Inflamed Achilles tendon, he said, and started me on a regimen: a foot brace to mobilize the foot and anti-inflammatory pills. That was just the beginning. One and a half years later, I’ve had several braces, two extended periods in a foot cast, an array of medications, physical therapy, and a second podiatrist. They did their best, but except for a day or two each time, after being released from the various casts and braces, the pain continued (though at only half intensity for 18 months). I give up hope in treatment and thought that maybe in time the condition would correct itself. But I hated not walking freely and I hated the pain of going up and down stairs. Finally it looked as if time wasn’t going to heal the tendon either. I chanced to hear about Dr. Smith and decided to give it one more try. Now, after one month of electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound, the pain is gone and I am walking freely again. I am very grateful!


Dear Dr. Smith, I came to you midway through my high school Track and Field season with shin pain that was making it almost impossible for me to compete in my event of the high jump. My passion for the sport makes me want to train compete at full force, and I was so frustrated that my body was causing me to hold back. After my first visit with you, I felt immediate relief. By continuing to get treatment by you and physical therapy twice a week, I made it through the season. Your whole staff is amazing – from Robin always squeezing me in the schedule and Adrian’s physical therapy – your whole office contributed to my healing!  A few weeks after starting treatment with you, I set a new La Canada High School high jump record at 6’8″ and ended my high school junior season by competing in the state finals. I’m looking forward to a summer of good training in order to be competitive in the indoor track season and in my senior year of high school competition. Thank you Dr. Smith!


For many weeks I suffered from plantar fascitis, talked to several doctors about it, and tried a number solutions that were only partly effective. A friend urged me to consult Dr. Steven Smith, even though I live in the Pacific Northwest, far from his Pasadena practice. On the telephone, Dr. Steve Smith outlined a simple, three – part regimen that was inexpensive and easy for me to follow. Within a few days my pain and disability were greatly relieved. Three weeks later I only had occasional residual symptoms and now, after eight weeks, I’m completely free of pain. Thank you, Dr. Smith. What a relief!


10 years ago I fell over a bench and as a result damaged my upper leg so badly that I could not walk comfortably. I attempted to get the best medical help that I could find but none of the doctors could find the trouble and after my HMO spent about $9,000 I found Dr. Steve Smith in Pasadena. In a few minutes Dr. Smith found the trouble and after seven treatments I was able to walk without pain and I feel close to being able to walk comfortably so that I can back to living a normal life again.


In only three short weeks I’ve gone from such severe back pain that I couldn’t sit, stand or lie without constant pain to a restoration of complete range of motion and nearly no pain whatsoever. Thank you!


After just a few visits I have noticed that:

  1. I have much more energy
  2. My back does not hurt as much
  3. My headaches (which were almost every day) are down to maybe one a week – a huge improvement. Chiropractors rock!


I was very wary about coming to a chiropractor, but from my very first appointment Robin and Dr. Smith put my mind at ease. By the time I left my first appointment I knew I had not only made the right decision to come to a chiropractor but I came to the right one.

I got massive headaches almost daily towards the end of the workday. I would have to take a nap as a way of relieving the pain. Since I’ve been here, I’ve had no headaches and it’s been wonderful :-)

I came last March with “vertigo” to the point I couldn’t find a position to sleep in without dizziness. After a month of treatment it was largely gone! It has stayed stable since! In addition, my back is stronger and I rarely feel twinges or aches.

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