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As a Health Coach and Doctor of Chiropractic, my approach provides a more interactive consultation model whereby we work together to map out your health care plans. Together we proactively monitor progress, counsel and formulate new strategies for navigating through rough patches and work on the agreed-upon goals. 

Health Coaching is especially valuable when individuals have difficulty understanding care plans, suffer from lack motivation or discipline, or require a personalized plan established specifically  for their needs. As your Health Coach (much like an athletic coach or personal trainer) who walks the road with patients, helping you actually apply techniques and information to everyday life and aiding you in removing and minimizing setbacks along the way is my main objective.

I will also be particularly helpful in guiding you through misinformation and information overload. I work with you one-on-one in person, over the phone or online. The Internet is a great resource for researching health-related questions, but it can also present you with more data and/or highly conflicted data that is difficult to know what or who to trust. As your Health Coach, I can guide you toward trusted resources and together we will evaluate a broad range of care options for you. Let's team up for your health!

Hire Dr. Gonzalez by the Hour

The Committed Plan

If you are ready to take your Health & Wellness seriously and make positive Lifestyle changes for the rest of your life, then you want to purchase the One-Hour Health Coaching Blocks with Dr. Gonzalez.  I will meet with you One-on-One for One-Hour or schedule a One-Hour, telephone meeting (whichever works with your schedule). Prior to your Health Coaching session,  Commit To A Happier, Healthier, more Productive Pain Free Life... Purchase Your One Hour Session Now!


The Time Challenged Plan

If you are time challenged but are ready to take your Health & Wellness seriously and make positive Lifestyle changes for the rest of your life, then you want to purchase the 1/2 Hour Health Coaching Blocks with Dr. Gonzalez.  I will meet with you One-on-One for 1/2 Hour or schedule a 1/2 Hour, telephone meeting (whichever works with your schedule). . Commit To A Happier, Healthier more Productive Pain Free Life...  Purchase Your 1/2 Hour Session Now!

Get A Second Opinion!

Second Opinions

Many patients are told they need surgery. You want to trust the doctor but do you really need a surgery? While some surgeries are definitely needed I have found over my 33 years in practice that many if not most surgeries are Elective Surgeries meaning you elected to have surgery because a doctor told you you needed it but they are NOT life saving surgeries. I personally was told I needed a surgery for my fractured shoulder blade from a motorcycle accident. I'm in the Emergency Room and the doctors kept coming in and telling me I needed surgery. I was already a Chiropractor and knowing what I know... I knew I really didn't any surgery. Anybody else would of said OK ...Doctor know best. Another instance I had I was going to have a knee surgery for a torn cartilage (meniscus) and through Divine Intervention I was taught about the use of Magnets for Healing the body. I never had the surgery to my knee. Schedule your call today and possibly save yourself from a needless surgery!

Let's Be A Team Together, Let Health Coaching  

Help  You To Live A Happier, Healthier & More Productive Pain Free Life!

Patient Testimonials

After having been to several different Chiropractors I'm glad I found Dr. G!  Thank you for your special care. I feel about a million times better!

Mary Kidd Partridge

Dr Gonzalez helped to save my life! I was ready to call it quits several times from the severe anxiety, pain and depression. He listens, he’s caring and he has so much experience that he just knows exactly what to do each day. I think it is his experience and desire to help that makes him so special.  I highly recommend him! 

Mike Price

I’m visiting from Glendale, Arizona and have been to many Chiropractors there, but Dr. Gonzalez in El Paso is by far the BEST! He spends a lot more time working with you and did some excellent stretches on me which helped me relax. I especially got a lot of pain relief from the hanging upside adjusting technique he invented!

Roger Delp, Civil Engineer

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