Stiff Neck & Muscle Spasm

Treatment for Stiff Neck and Muscle Spasms by our Midtown New York Chiropractor

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Having a stiff neck and muscle spasms can make it difficult to go about your usual routine. You might have trouble doing everyday activities, such as driving, and you might be unable to participate in your usual athletic activities. At NuView Health Medical in Manhattan, we offer effective treatment for these problems. 

Causes of a Stiff Neck and Muscle Spasms

When you have a stiff neck and muscle spasms, this can indicate a problem with your upper spine. Strains or sprains that affect this part of your spine can lead to these symptoms in your upper back and neck. Straining your neck or upper back affects the muscles in this part of your body, while sprains occur when you have torn ligaments in these areas. Our chiropractor will determine the cause of your symptoms and recommend treatment.

Treatment for Back and Neck Pain from Our NYC Chiropractor

Our NYC chiropractor provides safe, nonsurgical treatment for spinal problems that cause muscle spasms and a stiff neck. This type of care includes adjustments to your upper spine in order to ensure that it is in the right alignment. This helps ease inflammation that can cause stiffness and takes pressure off nerves, resulting in pain relief. Chiropractic adjustments also support natural healing in the upper spine, helping your muscles, ligaments and other damaged soft tissue recover.

Physical Therapy in Manhattan

At NuView Health Medical, we also offer physical therapy in Manhattan to help you recover from muscle spasms and neck stiffness. Physical therapy helps you improve muscle strength and range of motion in your upper spine, which reduces your risk of continuing to experience these symptoms. This type of treatment works well with chiropractic adjustments as part of an overall treatment plan to help you stay flexible and pain-free.

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