Halo Botanical Light Therapy

Halo Healing Systems are among the most advanced technologies in holistic healing. Each system is made up of a specific light and a variety of botanically-based solutions in vials. In our practice, we offer white, ultraviolet, and ultra blue light featuring over 150 vials of botanical blends. Each vial combines numerous botanical healing substances, including rain forest botanical extracts, herbs, amino acid complexes, and other natural proprietary formulations that work together to enhance your body's ability to heal itself.

After an initial assessment with the doctor, the appropriate vials are selected, and one at a time, are inserted into the correct light and applied to an area of systemic transversity (e.i., sublingually, at carotid artery), or to a specific area of the body for a short length of time. The doctor will suggest a plan for optimal relief of what you're experiencing, whether just one session, once a week, or up to four treatments per week for acute issues. We've only recently begun offering HALO Ultra Blue, an even faster, pore powerful, and more far-reaching treatment system. The violet LED light in this system is able to transmit powerful botanicals in a fraction of the time as other systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the system actually doing?

As light photon pass through the vial containing botanical extracts, they pick up the harmonic vibrations of the botanicals and transmit the photonic and botanical energies into the body where the body responds as if the botanicals were actually present. All of the positive effect of photon, or light, therapy is combined with the power of active botanicals to produce excellent treatment results.

Why does HALO Ultraviolet and Ultra Blue utilize violet wavelengths?

Violet light carries more harmonic energy on its wavelengths than other light wavelengths. Ultra Blue infuses massive amounts of harmonics into the body or into water if applied thusly. This increased amount of harmonic energy accelerates numerous energy reactions, accounting for quick and effective treatments.

Can the light be overused and cause harm to the body?

No. The light device cannot burn, blister, or in any way injure the skin or cause harm.

Do these systems treat, heal, or cure?

There are many factors that influence the body's healing responses, including age, diet, exercise, general health, lifestyle factors, etc. The lights and botanical do not heal or cure, rather, the body itself is the miracle that utilized supplied energies from every source it can to aid in its healing processes.

Any treatments provided at Safe Harbor Chiropractic, P.C., are not intended to treat symptoms or disease but to enhance your body's ability to heal itself.

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