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Dr. Kelly Chwojdak

LipoMelt Results!

Excited Patients with Lipomelt!

    My 3 positive changes from LipoMelt are smaller thighs, weight loss and smaller stomach.

    Deb G.

    "Since beginning Lipomelt, I have had a decreased BMI, lost 9 pounds, decreased my body fat percentage. I strongly recommend Lipomelt to anyone struggling with any of these issues. Additionally since completing 24 sessions I have begun exercising 3-4 days weekly which is something I dreaded before. The Lipomelt gave me motivation to continue to make healthy habits and choices."

    -Bob G.

    Lipomelt Light Therapy offers many benefits to your overall health with the bonus of lost inches and even pounds. Dr. Kelly, Jen and Chrissy can answer any question you may have and are so kind and helpful all the way. I have lost inches and body age and feel great. Toxins are eliminated in the process which is very important too!


    The first thing is the LipoMelt Room is how warm and welcoming. For the next 20 minutes you are giving yourself time to relax and reflect on what progress you will have. Everyone is so kind and professional and will answer any questions. LipoMelt gives you a head start on targeting certain areas. I would recommend this Ultimate Light Therapy.


    Clearer skin Pain in neck and back diminish at least during my sessions. Inches lost last time measured

    - Jen

    I loved the warmth of the treatment and I find that: 1. My skin is softer and smoother in the treatment area; 2. My clothes fit better - small waist has reappeared; and 3. There are less lines and lightened dark areas on my face along with less puffy eyelids. I feel really good and am happy that I was able to participate in Lipomelt Light Therapy.

    - Jo Ann S.

    I have noticed because of my Lipomelt Therapy are: My skin has become more firm. Loss of 18 inches overall. Less bladder leakage. Memory improvement. I looked forward to every session and loved the warmth of the lights. I felt like I was wrapped in a cocoon.

    - Deb P.

    "I am always grateful that Safe Harbor exists and is in my life! I full believe in Dr. Kelly's abilities & love the environment. I love Jen & Chrissy too!" Before care: "I was completely stiff & in a lot of pain." After care: "I have experienced my body's structure improve with less pain & problems."


    "Coming to Safe Harbor & seeing Dr. Kelly has helped me in many ways. My back & Neck were really painful & are not so much better. I feel good! Now we are working on my nutrition. She is amazing!" Before care: "Neck & back pain & very little motion in my neck." After care: "The pain is much less & I have more motion in my neck."


    "Thank you for all your help with my health! Dr. Kelly & her staff are amazing!" Before care: "Back pain, knee & hip popping, hormone imbalance, ulcertive colitis" After care: "No more pain & popping, ulcertive colitis is in remission, hormones are more regulated."


    "I can't imagine not coming for monthly alighnments. I would have a much poorer quality of life & restriction of what I like to do most. Everyone is professional & friendly- scheduling is flexible & accommodating- I so look forward to my visits." Before care: Lower back pain, 3 ruptured discs, regularly bed ridden with severe pain for several days." After care: Relatively pain free for 1+ year. Monthly alignments & orthotics have works miracles."


    "It took me a while to find a chiropractor after my last one retired. I am so grateful Dr. Kelly does KST as this is exactly what I needed." Before care: "Very bad sciatica, neck pain & back pain" After care: "Sciatica is now gone & I just feel so much better overall."


    "I will be coming here until I'm 80 years old! The improvement in my health, mentally & physically is astounding. The care Dr. Kelly provides is life no other. The staff are compassionate & respectful. I look forward to every appointment. Just wish the office was closer." Before care: "Anxiety, achiness, pain" After care: "Relief of all of the above"


    "At my first visit with Dr. Kelly, I was hopeful but unsure if I would get the rsults I needed. The day after my first adjustment I woke hungry (I had been nauseous for months) & I felt energized. Who knew such small adjustments would make a world of difference! I have never looked back & continue on this path of feeling well. Dr. Kelly can & will get the results necessary to improve how one feels. Thank you Dr. Kelly!" Before care: "Nausea, lathargy, back & feet pain" After care: Everythi


    "I have had digestive & gall bladder problems & Dr. Kelly has helped me, many times. Safe Harbor is a great place. I recommend it to everyone." Before care: Thyroid, digestive, weight, migraines, gall bladder & neuralgia problems." After care: "Good health & relief from my symptoms."


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