Whole Body Vibration

Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

Weight Loss & Toning

These machines increase metabolism, to help burn more fat, while simultaneously strengthening muscles, to tone and tighten. The oscillation gets your heart rate up, so you burn more fat and at a higher rate. In addition, the vibration waves stimulate muscles, to lengthen them and make them taut.

And if you perform exercises, or vary your stance, you can target specific, or stubborn areas for spot training. Finally, muscle burns more calories than fat, so you will sculpt as you lose weight, preventing saggy or stretched skin, it also increases HGH production, decreasing cellulite.

Boosts Helpful Hormones

Vibration releases 3 important hormones, HGH (Human Growth Hormone), serotonin and cortisol. HGH, besides fighting cellulite, helps decrease fat tissue and repair damaged cells, allowing for faster recovery after a workout.

Cortisol and serotonin both work to alleviate stress, serotonin floods the brain to make you feel more optimistic and happier, while cortisol controls stress level. Together, they all work together to increase mood and mental health.

Improved Circulation and Immunity

When performing whole body vibration, your muscles contract in a rhythmic motion that increase blood flow and circulation. Circulation helps send oxygen throughout your body, ensuring every cell is replenished, improving muscle and organ functions. Then there is the improvement in lymph function.

Lymph drainage increases, which reduces inflammation and flushes waste and toxins, for increased stamina and the ability to fight infection. All this means better overall health. Plus, lymph drainage and increased circulation alleviate spinal fluid, helping with back pain.

Decrease Back Pain

Lymph drainage is only 1 reason these machines are good for managing back pain. There are also 2 other reasons these machines work. First, using them on a regular basis strengthens back muscles. Strong back muscles improve mobility, decreasing pressure and increasing range of motion.

In addition, the vibrating, or oscillating motion, relieves knots and loosens muscles, further reducing pressure and eliminating pain.

Increase Bone Density

Vibration machines increase bone mineral density, for stronger bones. Improved bone density can stave off osteoporosis, a major concern for women. Also, for older individuals, increased mineral density can prevent bones from breaking if they fall.

Improve Flexibility and Balance

Consistently using a vibration plate increases your range of motion in a way that standard exercise can’t. Whether you’re standing still or performing exercises, the oscillation stretches muscles and lengthens them, for greater reach and more fluid joints. Plus, it reinforces your core and hip flexor muscles, for better balance and the ability to do more advanced maneuvers.

Increases Exercise Potential and Difficulty

Vibration machines make exercising convenient, as they only need to be used minutes a day. That means you can fit in a session before work, after dinner, or any other time- no excuses. They also allow you to make your routines more challenging. Doing squats while trying to balance, or attempting lunges, will make muscles work harder and keep you from becoming bored. Boredom is one of the main reasons people stop working out, so this is a big plus.

Improving muscle tone, agility, bone density and circulation, your skin will glow, you’ll have better dexterity and you will lose weight without straining or injuring yourself. Full body vibration is the way to go, so share this info with your friends and family too so you can all “shake” off the dust and get moving!


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