Nutrition Therapy

Here at Safe Harbor Chiropractic, nutrition therapy is approached with two tools: Nutrition Response Technique assessments and Heart Sound Recording evaluations. Each of these approaches provides important information regarding your body's responses to your diet, environment, and stressors, allowing Dr. Chwojdak to most accurately pinpoint the highest-priority nutritional needs in your body. In fact, Nutrition Response Testing is able to enhance the results of your Heart Sound Recording, allowing the doctor to make the most specialized recommendations possible.

How? Nutrition Response Technique assesses the body's reflex points - if weaknesses occur, the body needs to be strengthened with nutrition that, when tested, your body responds positively to. The Heart Sound Recorder evaluates the rate, rhythm, and tone via heart sounds to provide additional information on other nutritional deficiencies related to overall cardiovascular health and wellness. The combination of these two tools offers a comprehensive assessment of total body wellness. For in depth descriptions of each of these approaches to nutrition, continue reading.


Nutrition Response Technique

Nutrition Response Technique, or NRT, is a technique utilized to locate your body's nutritional imbalances and priorities. Your body needs food and water to survive and it responds to the nutrients you eat. Your body will respond the same way to a whole food supplement. NRT analyzes the body's neurological reflexes to detect nutritional imbalances. The body's reflexes are used to determine the root cause of a nutritional imbalance. Each reflex point in your body represents a specific organ, tissue or body system.

During the NRT exam, Dr. Chwojdak designs a clinical nutrition program using whole food supplements from Standard Process to improve organ function, and meet patient/practitioner goals. NRT often allows us to deliver breakthrough results, even to patients who have been chronically ill for many years and have visited numerous other practitioners.

Heart Sound Recorder

Certain types of heart stress can be monitored with a visualization of the heart's rate, rhythm, and tone of the heart cycle. The Heart Sound Recorder, or HSR, is a general wellness cardiac stress monitor used to evaluate these aspects of the heart cycle. With the HSR, Dr. Chwojdak uses a non-invasive, specialized mircophone to record each of the heart's four valves with a specialized mircophone. The recordings are graphed, and these graphs can then be evaluated for rate, rhythm, and tone.

Recommendations and considerations are proposed in order to provide support to the physiological processes of the body.

Learn more with The B Vitamin You Really Need and Nutritional Efficiency of the Heart.

The Heart Sound Recorder is a general wellness cardiac stress monitor. Any suggested nutritional advice or dietary advice is not intended as a primary treatment or therapy for any disease or symptom. Nutritional counseling, supplement recommendations, and exercise considerations are provided to upgrade the quality of life and support the physiological processes of the human body.

While we carry Standard Process products, neither Dr. Kelly A. Chwojdak/Safe Harbor Chiropractic, P.C. or any third party is associated with, related to, or linked to Dr. Kelly A. Chwojdak/Safe Harbor Chiropractic, P.C.'s, business or website is in any way affiliated with Standard Process Inc.

Standard Process expressly disclaims any responsibility for, and makes no representations or warranties, regarding any statement, information, materials or content found on or included in Dr. Kelly A. Chwojdak/Safe Harbor Chiropractic, P.C.'s marketing materials or website or any third party marketing materials/website related to, associated with, or linked to Dr. Kelly A. Chwojdak/Safe Harbor Chiropractic, P.C.'s business or website. Standard Process products are dietary supplements, and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.

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