Chiropractic Techniques

Alpharetta Chiropractic Care, Which Technique Is Right For You?

Full Spine/ Diversified
This is a hands on approach that focuses on the subluxation. It corrects the biomechanical dysfunction of the spine or joint, where the adjustments given are done without any assistance from table drops or instruments. It is the sole feel of motion and of palpation that determines where the adjustment needs to be made.During this adjustment a popping sound may be heard, coming from the joint that was adjusted. Using specific lines of drives or vectors, the correction can be made with little to no force.

Assisted Adjustment Techniques
Assisted techniques include those that use table drops (ie: Thompson Technique) as well as instrument adjustment techniques (ie: Activator Technique). These types of techniques are much less forceful but still able to correct the spinal subluxation and correct the biomechanical dysfunction.These styles of adjusting are typically used on elderly and pediatric patients or those who are terrified of the “crack and pop” that you hear with a manual adjustment.

Flexion, Distraction, Decompression
This technique is specialized for patients suffering from disc issues. By gently distracting and flexing the lumbar spine, we are able to increase joint space and disc space. Some common symptoms among others that are treated with flexion/ distraction are:

  • disc herniation
  • slipped disc
  • ruptured disc
  • facet syndrome
  • stenosis
  • spondylolisthesis

The focus of this technique is the non-surgical reduction of neuro-compressive disc and non- discal lesions of the spine.

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