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Personal Injury Specialists

We're not your average Personal Injury clinic...your overall health is our main concern.

All patients receive equal time, attention, education, customization, and communication, regardless of whether they pay out of pocket, use personal health insurance, auto insurance coverage, or have an attorney who will be financially responsible for their care until their case is settled.

Personal Injury

Accidents happen. When you need care after a person injury, you want the best care possible, someone that will take the time to listen to your concerns and create a plan of care that will get you back to your optimal health as quickly as possible.

Man standing by car after car accident.

Here at Complete Family Healthcare, our practice does just that. Whether you are an established patient or a new patient to our clinic that has unfortunately been in an auto accident, we strive to give you the highest quality care necessary to optimally recover as quickly and effectively as possible . 

Woman on phone by car crash

Call us at 770-772-3500 for a no cost consultation regarding your personal injury care. We work with attorneys, at-fault party insurance companies, as well as your Medical Payments benefits or those who prefer to pay out of there own pocket to cover the cost of your treatment. 
We are here for you!


"Having a car accident is never a good thing but being taken care of the way we have by Complete Family Healthcare has helped. With their welcoming smiles and down to earth nature it makes it easy to trust 2 great doctors and a wonderful staff to take care of you. The level of service provided is definitely top tier and we are glad to have found them."

Natasha B.


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