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Dr. JJ Anthonijs is a certified Webster’s technique chiropractor. As a Webster’s technique certified chiropractor affiliated with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Dr. JJ has taken extra training seminars and passed a certification test to be able to safely provide chiropractic care to women throughout the 1st through 3rd trimesters as well as how to effectively get their spine and pelvis stable again after child birth.

Over his 11 years in practice, he has been Webster’s technique certified for over 7 years and has provided chiropractic care to hundreds of pregnant women over the years. Many of the mothers that he has treated have seen Dr. JJ for chiropractic care throughout numerous pregnancies, as well as, having their children and entire families treated with chiropractic care.

As a family chiropractor, he not only values the relationship he has with his patients but he also values the relationship/s he is able to form with the other healthcare providers that his patients are receiving care with, especially throughout pregnancies.

When pregnant, expecting mothers experience an accelerated weight distribution shift that creates extra stress and wear and tear on the pelvis and spinal column. This destructive effect of the extra weight distribution thSkeletal view of pregnant woman

at increases each day with each lb. gained throughout the pregnancy is magnified by the release of the growth hormone which is released at a much faster rate and higher level than at any other time in life. Relaxin is a derivative within the growth hormone that is necessary for the expecting mother’s body transformation leading up to childbirth, yet is also responsible for making the soft tissue between the joints of the pelvis and discs between the spinal vertebra extra flexible and pliable resulting in exaggerated misalignment throughout the expecting mother’s spine and pelvis. Amongst many other things, this exaggerated misalignment that comes with the weight distribution change is a contributing factor if not a main factor in many of the musculoskeletal symptoms associated with pregnancy. It is also why woman who do not receive chiropractic care upon uncomfortable pregnancies often claim that their low back and hips have never felt “quite right” after their first childbirth and gotten worse upon having additional children.

For more information and published research regarding chiropractic care for pregnant woman and the Webster’s technique designed specifically for pregnant woman, visit and search Webster’s technique. Feel free to contact me to set up a time to discuss any further questions or concerns that you may have.


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