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Alignment is a law of the body and a healthy spine is an important factor in a developing child. As we grow up, we are all subjected to physical stress, falls and accidents and daily cumulative trauma such as sleeping incorrectly, heavy backpacks, rough play or poor posture such as "text neck." Additionally, the pulling forces involved in the birth process can negatively affect a child's spine and nervous system. Trauma and stress can create poor alignment.

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Chances are, you’ve had your kids’ teeth, eyes, skin and blood checked by a professional. Life is very stressful, this is why the Doctors at True Potential recommend yearly check-ups to assess the health, alignment and function of your child’s spine too.

Our Doctors are also parents! Chiropractic healthcare can help by establishing a natural, drug-free solution which creates immediate and long-term benefits to children as well. Call us to schedule a check-up, scoliosis exams are always complementary!


If you’re pregnant, congratulations!  Now’s a great time for a chiropractic check-up.  Changes such as abdominal weight gain, altered posture, pelvic imbalances, and the countless other sources of stress can cause pain, affect sleep, mood, and can sometimes make the birth process more difficult.  In fact, according to the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), approximately 75% of pregnant women experience back pain during pregnancy (1).  That same study reported an 84% improvement in back pain during pregnancy while under the care of a chiropractic professional (1).  Call us today to schedule:  (503) 574 - 4872 


 (1) ICPA Issue #20 Dec 2008

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