Dr Guy W Gottier

Guy Gottier

Dr. Guy W. Gottier has 30 years of experience in treating spine pain, disc injury and head and neck pain. He has a nursing degree from UConn and was a 1985 cum laude graduate of National University of Health Sciences in Chicago, where he was also employed as an anatomy instructor. His undergraduate studies were at the University of Connecticut in Storrs.

After practicing several years in suburban Chicago, he established an office in Ellington, CT, where he practiced for 12 years and raised his family. He joined Westside in 1999 and is now a partner there. Given his work experience in neurology and trauma, his focus is on the conservative management of back and neck injuries, headaches, whiplash and chronic pain syndromes.

His advanced training in rehabilitation makes him the right choice for whiplash injuries, disc syndromes, sciatica and chronic lower back pain. He has long standing relationships with area physicians and has lectured at ECHN with local orthopedists and neurologists.

He has worked at Hartford Hospital neurotrauma ICU, St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center, and Rockville General Hospital. His 30 years of experience make him a wise and safe choice for all your chiropractic needs.

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