Your First Visit

After you’ve called (860- 875-0029), and made your appointment time, we look forward to meeting you, and starting a partnership for your better health!

You can save time on your first visit by downloading the forms that we ask each new patient to complete. Besides general information, we ask for your health history. If you have any questions about the forms, you can call us, or leave blanks and ask us when you come in. Please download and complete both the New Patient Form and the HIPAA release form.

New Downloadable-New-Patient-Form


Also, please bring your insurance card with you, since we will need to make a copy of your insurance card for our files.


When you meet with the doctor, he or she will review your form, and ask questions to get to know you and know what is happening in your body. If you have had recent x-rays or MRI’s, you may bring them with you. If not, the doctor may order x-rays to more accurately evaluate your condition.


Next, the doctor will perform a chiropractic examination to determine the cause of your health problem. This is a good time for you to ask the doctor questions about your condition.

During this first visit the doctor will explain chiropractic to you, especially if you have never been to a chiropractor before. The methodology and treatments are different from traditional medical approaches, and your doctor will explain a course of treatment he or she determines is best for you.

Typically on your first visit, we do not collect payment. (Medicare patients excepted) Our office staff will check your insurance coverage and payment will be expected at your second visit. Some insurance companies require additional forms. If yours does, we will let you know and you can fill out that form during your first visit.

Please allow up to one hour for this first visit.

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