Your Second Visit

Your second visit may be the day following your first visit, or shortly there after.

If the doctor has ordered x-rays for you, this is the time he or she will read the x-ray and evaluate your condition. Often the doctor will demonstrate with a plastic model or posters what a healthy spine looks like. Educating patients is one of chiropractic’s key elements, empowering the patient to make treatment and lifestyle choices that will optimize your health.

After the doctor explains the x-ray findings, he or she may apply therapies as well as perform an adjustment. The therapies and adjustments will be repeated at every subsequent visit.

After your adjustment, a member of our staff will review your insurance coverage with you, explaining what each visit will cost and what are your deductibles, if any. We will collect payment for your first and second visit, and schedule you for your next appointment.

Please allow 20-30 minutes for this appointment.

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