Meet the Chiropractor

Andre Tio is a chiropractor who serves and the surrounding communities in .

Andre Tio, D.C.

  • Palmer West Graduate, 1997
  • Auto & Sports Injury Doc
  • Full Spine and Extremity Care
  • X-Rays on site

Dr. Tio uses standard non-invasive chiropractic techniques to gently adjust your spine/extremity and provide soft tissue treatment to relieve biomechanical stress and optimize nervous system function.  Infants to seniors have experienced not only alleviated symptoms but added energy, vitality, and stress-release from individualized care.

Besides his passion for chiropractic, Dr. Tio is a devoted husband and a loving father of three beautiful children.  He is also a talented musician, winter sports and golf enthusiast, and active in his local church. He has served worldwide performing chiropractic and mission work in Mexico, Romania, and Brazil.

No matter what your health goals, Dr. Tio is skilled and compassionate in helping you to achieve them.

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