Success Stories

Success Stories at Abundant Life Chiropractic in Sunnyvale, CA

"In January I was in a cycling accident suffering a concussion, vertigo, headaches and whiplash. Five days after my crash; I had little mobility and severe pain in my neck. A month after my accident I continued experiencing headaches, stiffness and vertigo.  The pain relievers provided temporary relief.  It wasn't until a good friend and patient of Dr. Tio encouraged me to see him expressing how great she felt after her adjustments.  In February I decided to visit Dr. Tio.  The office had a calming effect, was clean, and staff welcoming.  Dr. Tio himself was warm and cheerful.  I expressed my reluctance and nervousness to him.  In return, he communicated everything he would be doing prior to doing so.  During my examination he was able to pin point all the areas I felt pain, prior to telling him what side I had injured, or extent.  I began seeing Dr. Tio religiously after then.  Within 2 weeks my vertigo and headaches had disappeared.  I'm training for an Ironman, which means exercising 6x a week anywhere from 2-6 hours on some days.  Since I began seeing Dr. Tio my body recovers more quickly than before.  Recently, Dr. Tio began treating my ankles and feet.  For years I've suffered from ankle pain/swelling.  In a month's time, the difference is phenomenal.  After workouts on a scale of 1-10 when most of my pain has always been about an 8, it's about a 2 and the swelling minimal.  Dr. Tio's methods and his way of taking care of his patients are one of a kind.  He talks you through the adjustments and always asks if you are okay.  His concern for his patients is priority and is straight forward as to the needs of your body.  I would highly recommend him to all my friends and family.  I always said I'd NEVER go to a chiropractor now I look forward to my appointments."

- Tyza G., Mother, Competitive Athlete

"I never had chiropractic care before until this September, when I had major lower back pain for two weeks. My family doctor suggested me to see Dr. Tio and I am so grateful that she recommended him.  Dr. Tio is very professional..."

                                                                                     - Jin K., Housewife

"Dr. Tio is an awesome chiropractor.  He always addresses the true needs of my body and doesn't treat us with a 'cookie cutter' approach.  He's very personable, gentle, and considerate.  Our family loves Dr. Tio."

- Laurissa C., Realtor

"I was always nervous about chiropractic care until my sister finally convinced me to try Dr. Tio after she had been coming for 2 years.  Now I swear by it and tell everyone they should try it.  The results have been amazing, more than I could have even dreamed possible. Dr. Tio has helped areas I didn't even tell him were concerns such as what my family has always referred to as the 'family hump' on the back of my neck.  My niece just told me it has really gone down.  Thank you so much!

- Penny P., Teacher

"I had back pain for 4 years, ever since my first pregnancy.  Everyone told me to see a chiropractor, but I was so stubborn.  It wasn't until Dr. Tio wanted to hire my web design services that I finally decided to see him for chiropractic.  With less than a month of chiropractic care, the back pain was finally gone.  I kicked myself for not going to see him earlier.  Sometimes the pain creeps back up on me a little, but I go for regular chiropractic treatments to take care of that.  He is also very knowledgable and helpful and lets me pick his brain on various health questions.  I am a very satisfied client."

- Coralyn Vega, Web Designer

"Dr. Tio has a natural gift of discernment.  Mind, body, and soul receives equal attention during my visits.  His sincerity and dedication in his chosen profession comes through from doctor to patient.  The overall quality of my life is a vast improvement when compared to my past health.  Dr. Tio's approach to chiropractic care goes to the core issues and not only relieves the symptoms, but the cause.  Abundant Life is a great place to change your life for the better."

- Simeon L., Tow Truck Driver

"I came to Dr. Tio with very severe back pain.  It limited my work and ability to function.  Within 3 appointments, my pain was barely noticeable and sitting at my desk working was no longer excruciatingly painful.  Thank you Dr. Tio!"

- Daniel W., Administrative Assistant/NASA

"Dr. Tio is awesome!  I was having problems with my neck.  I couldn't lay on my back because I would get sharp neck pain and my head would tingle all over.  After a month of seeing Dr. Tio, I was able to sleep on my back without pain or tingling.  Now I can turn my head much better."

- Karla D., Massage Therapist