About Us

We are a Holistic Health Center located in Ketchum and Sun Valley, Idaho. Using principles of Functional Medicine and the most effective stress reduction techniques, we are able to help people where other methods have failed. With clinical nutrition, botanical medicines, therapeutic diets & detoxification programs, and the latest laboratory testing and diagnostic techniques, we can elevate our patients' health to prevent or even reverse "modern" ailments and diseases to ensure a lifetime of wellness. 

Being "well" is a choice, and taking responsibility for one's health is a necessity in our current healthcare system. Waiting for a health crisis is very expensive, and it is this consciousness that has created the healthcare disaster we find ourselves in. Be a part of the change and call now for your Whole Health Evaluation. You may find there is a lot you can do to improve your health or engage more of the power of prevention in your daily life.

A Whole Health Evaluation in our office consists of several different assessments:

• Metabolic assessment (organs and systems)
• Brain and Nervous System assessment (including chemistry and emotional)
• Health and Stress Evaluation (examining the musculoskeletal system for signs of stress and subluxations)

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