The Clearvite Anti-Inflammation Program

Introduction to the ClearVite program 

Clearvite-SF® is an essential part of the nutritional program designed by your health practitioner for your health concerns. A better understanding of the functions of Clearvite-SF® will assist you in using the product more effectively. The following discussion will provide you with sufficient information and answer many of the questions regarding Clearvite-SF®.

K_24.jpg Everyday, millions of molecules from different compounds enter our bodies through voluntary or involuntary ingestion. These chemicals come from foods, beverages, medicines, food additives, personal care, and numerous other sources. Whenever a system, whether it is a living (humans, animals) or a mechanical (different machines) system becomes polluted, normal functioning becomes affected. Excessive pollution in a system may result in malfunctioning or serious degeneration of the system. You might have experienced this occurrence with the mechanics of your car. Every so often you need to change the oil, air filter, etc. in order to keep the system clean so the car will run more efficiently and last longer. That is why when your car's engine needs repair, the mechanic first cleans the engine before any attempt to fix it. It is always easier to repair a clean system than a polluted one. If you are not successful in fixing a polluted system, you are never sure if it is the system that has not been fixed, or if it is the pollution that is causing the problem.

Every working system, as the result of normal functioning, produces pollution. Some of the pollutants that are produced within the living systems are eliminated through processes naturally built in the system. But, no living system has the ability to rid itself totally from all of the naturally produced or foreign pollutants. As a result, the system can slowly produce and accumulate pollutants to a point of self-destruction. The human body is no different than any other system. It has excellent built-in mechanisms to cleanse itself from all kinds of pollutants, but the system is not perfect.

The advancements in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, biology, etc… have definitely made substantial contributions to the health and well being of mankind. However, with the advancement of science and industrialization, numerous foreign and toxic chemicals have been produced and released in the living environments. These foreign chemicals to the human system are known as "xenobiotics". Xenobiotics also include over the counter and prescription drugs. Numerous research scientists have demonstrated that xenobiotics are among the major causes of a great number of acute and chronic health problems that have become widespread in the Western Societies in recent decades. These compounds, if not cleared from the system, can interfere with normal biological processes and become hazardous to one's health. The accumulation of these toxic substances in the body may produce a variety of distressful symptoms or medical conditions.

The poor nutritional habits in the Western world due to the limited number of healthy food ingredients being used in the daily diet, and a variety of other factors related to industrialization has increased the number of allergy problems by ten fold within the last few decades. Most of the symptoms produced as the result of the accumulation of toxins are very similar to allergies. Mild toxicities and food allergies will produce very discomforting symptoms such as poor digestion, gas, bloating, heartburn, headaches, fatigue, chronic mild infections, hormone imbalances, etc.


Cleansing the body from the accumulated xenobiotics and the excess biological compounds and metabolites (i.e. hormones, etc.) is known as "detoxification". Most of these toxins are subjected to numerous chemical changes (detoxification) in order to be prepared for elimination from the body. The major detoxification reactions take place in the liver. The goal of detoxification reactions is to transform chemicals that are fat-soluble into water-soluble compounds. Water-soluble compounds can then be eliminated through kidneys, skin, or gallbladder, in urine, sweat, or bile, respectively. Secretion of bile is one of the major pathways of body's detoxification. Once the liver has detoxified xenobiotics and other toxins, the resulting compounds are delivered to the gallbladder to be excreted with bile into the digestive system in order to be eliminated in feces. Detoxification has shown to be extremely beneficial as a preventative measure for different health problems, or as a means to enhance therapeutic procedures for a variety of medical conditions. The removal of these toxins from the system enhances the organs' ability to better absorb nutrients, improves biological functions, which, in turn, accelerates the healing processes. A healthy detoxification is of utmost importance in a variety of medical conditions and therapeutic procedures.

he Clearvite-SF® System:

Clearvite-SF® is a nutritional product and a cleansing (detoxification) program. Certain nutritional factors play extremely important roles in the proper functioning of the cellular cleansing processes. The body's natural detoxifying ability will deteriorate if these nutrients are lacking or are found to be deficient at the cellular level. In addition, certain botanicals and botanical extracts have been shown to strengthen the cells and maximize the processes that are involved in detoxification reactions. Clearvite-SF® is designed to provide the necessary nutritional compounds and the botanical extracts that have been recognized to be pivotal in the body's natural abilities to neutralize and expel toxins.

Clearvite-SF® is an excellent source of very high quality vitamins, minerals, and numerous nutritional factors. The protein source is derived from rice, which generates a superior quality hypoallergenic (having little likelihood of causing an allergic response) protein. In addition, it provides other lipotropic (promoting the breakdown and utilization of fat) nutrients, herbal compounds that stimulate formation of bile, bile secretion, and elimination, and numerous nutritional cofactors and botanical extracts that support detoxification reactions. Long-term practical experiences by outstanding clinicians and scientists have been employed to design Clearvite-SF®. Methodical scientific procedures have been used to analyze biochemical reactions and functional organic disorders stemming from chronic environmental and biological toxicities. Each ingredient in the product has been investigated extensively by different scientists for its effect and functionality in supporting biochemical reactions that take place in the liver and different detoxification pathways.

Clearvite-SF® Ingredients - Functionally Specific

Clearvite-SF® provides key cofactors necessary in enzymatic reactions involved in the liver detoxification processes. These vitamins and minerals are selected from the highest quality, most soluble and biologically available forms to ensure their absorption and assimilation. A number of amino acids such as; N-Acetylcysteine, Taurine, Glycine, L-Glutamine, necessary for a variety of the liver biochemical detoxification reactions, are included in the formula. Strong antioxidants such as quercitin, grape seed extract, herbs, and herbal extracts such as milk thistle seed extract, have been included in the formula to improve the growth and repair of liver cells, and to increase bile solubility. Lysine has been added to further improve amino acid balance in rice protein. Digestive enzymes such as glucanase, cellulase, protease, and amylase have been added to improve digestion and absorption of the nutrients. Additional herbal and nutritional compounds such as Jerusalem artichoke, Marshmallow, Gamma Oryzanol, Rutin, Hesperidin, Evening Primrose Oil, and Medium Chain Triglycerides have been incorporated into this formula, each for very specific scientifically supported reasons, to make this product the most effective product of this category in the market.

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