RepairVite - Intestinal Repair Program


Do you suffer from memory loss, depression, brain fog, digestive issues, fatigue, can't concentrate; or worse yet Parkinson's or MS? Do you have relatives with dementia or Alzheimer's? Current research indicates that these problems often start in the intestinal tract, i.e. "gut".

The lining of the intestine is called the Mucosal Barrier. Let's think of it like the ozone layer. The ozone layer lets the right amount of sunlight through, sustaining life on earth; your mucosal barrier allows nutrients through, sustaining your health. The ozone layer prevents harmful radiation from getting through; the mucosal barriers prevent infectious agents and allergens from invading your body. But just as our planet has a damaged ozone layer, many of us have damaged mucosal barriers. The damage can be caused by a number of factors including stress, infection, toxins, food sensitivity, neurotransmitters, and enzymes.

When the gut becomes "leaky", food particles and bacteria get into the blood stream that wouldn't normally cross over into the blood. Because the food particles are bigger than the normal metabolites entering the blood, they look like a foreign body to the immune system. When bacteria that normally live in the intestines enter the blood, they are also considered invaders by the immune system. Now the immune system declares war to attack and kill the invaders. The problem with this is you are now in a state of chronic systemic inflammation.

How does this all relate to my brain? When the gut damage is significant and more food particles pass the gut wall, you have "leaky gut". This activates antibodies to form in the blood stream against one or more of the food particles. Wheat, corn, soy, egg, and dairy are the more common foods people may develop antibodies to. The antibodies bind to many substances including body tissues that "look similar" to the food. The antibodies then attract "killer cells" to the substances with which they bind including the body tissues. This damages the tissues, and is called an autoimmune reaction. The brain is one of the more common areas for this killer cell attack to occur. The attack causes neurodegeneration in the brain.

Could it be that we are looking in the wrong place for the answers to our epidemic of neurological and psychiatric disorders? Could it be that our psychotropic medications attempt to control the smoke while ignoring the fire? Could it be that these are, in fact, not primary brain disorders at all, but systemic disorders that affect the brain? Leaky gut is, unfortunately, surprisingly common.

You can heal your brain, or at least slow the degeneration, by healing your gut. This requires a specific anti-inflammation diet/cleanse for a minimum of 10 days, possibly longer, while taking supplements to heal the gut.

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The RepairVite program is great for any chronic ill health condition. By reducing inflammation in the system you balance the Endocrine System, Digestive System and Immune System. This will have direct effects on many conditions. Please email the office [email protected] if you are wondering if this will help you.