Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing at Integrated Healthcare Center

If you're experiencing seasonal "hay fever" and other respiratory issues, then you probably already know whether you're allergic to something in the air, but you may not know what exactly the cause of your distress is. If your experience respiratory, gastric or skin problem after eating a meal, you might be suffering from a food allergy that has yet to be determined. Everyday environmental triggers could even be making you feel less than 100 percent without your fully realizing the nature of the problem. Fortunately, there's an answer to the big mystery hanging over your health -- allergy testing at Integrated Health Care Centers.

How Allergy Testing Can Turn Your Health and Comfort Around

Allergy Testing in San Antonio and Garland

As annoying as it may feel, an allergic reaction is actually an attempt by your body to help you. When invading, possibly threatening particles enter the body, the body responds by producing antibodies to fight the invaders. The antibodies in turn cause the release of histamine, a substance that produces the familiar stuffy head, runny nose, and itchy eyes of hay fever. It can also create irritation in the digestive system and respiratory reactions such as asthma attacks. In the worst-case scenario, you might experience a dangerous emergency called anaphylaxis in which your airway swells up, making normal breathing impossible. But allergies don't have to evoke a dramatic response to be debilitating. Constant exposure to allergens can overwork your immune system and create subtle but very real issues such as chronic fatigue syndrome, along with feelings of depression, exhaustion, joint pain, skin disorders, headaches and general malaise.

Allergy Testing for Garland and San Antonio Residents

Unfortunately, potential allergens can be found practically everywhere. A variety of foods are known to cause allergies, as well as airborne pollutants, tobacco smoke, perfumes, pollen, mold spores, and physical contact with certain plants such as poison oak. Allergy testing pinpoints the specific the specific allergens you need to avoid. There are a variety of testing methods to identify allergens, and some are less effective or wide-ranging than others. The gold standard for allergy testing is a blood analysis known as the ALCAT test -- and that's what we offer here at Integrated Health Care Centers.

The ALCAT test identifies allergens with greater precision and accuracy than other form of allergy testing. It's also the only known testing method that works equally well for discovering both food-related allergens and other types of allergens. The blood test measures the body's production of antigen leukocyte antibodies in reaction to a huge range of food ingredients and other substances. The test itself takes only a matter of days to process in the laboratory. Once we have the results of your ALCAT, we can recommend dietary or lifestyle changes to help you enjoy a more allergy-free existence and a higher standard of everyday wellness.

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