Patient's Experiences

Mike Denhoff: Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur

Allow me to thank you and your staff for the compassion, quietude and healing adjustments a visit to your office has always meant. There is no finer feeling than that which comes when my organs, bones, muscle tissue, nervous system, etc. live in the kind of interrelationship they were designed for. That interrelationship is what well-being is all about.

Joseph Carman: Dancer, Metropolitan Opera

I have always had back problems during my dancing career. With the adjustments and exercises that Dr. Gilbert prescribed, I can breathe better and my energy level is better. My back is much less prone to dance injuries, and I feel that my shoulders and upper body are more aligned.

Jane Altman: Actress, Narrator

This is the first winter in which I did not have at least three major bouts with bronchitis. At the first sign of a sore throat, I hot-footed it over to Dr. Gilbert’s and to get an adjustment. Almost immediately, I’d feel my throat lubricate and then I wouldn’t get sick!

Michael Herbst: English Horn and Oboist

Chiropractic care has saved me from repetitive motion disorders, usually caused by the physical motion of playing my instruments, but also made worse when coupled with emotional stress. My upper back, arm pains, headaches, walking, and sleep have all improved. I also have more energy and increased general well being.

Whitney Scott: College Student

About three years ago I suffered a head injury that resulted in a very stiff and painful neck. After that, many health problems arose: bladder infections, recurring bronchitis, sinusitis and sever lower back pain. I started improving under chiropractic care right away. I was skeptical at first, but adjustments, and the prescribed exercises have made it possible to resume normal activities, and now I can actually enjoy myself.

Desiree Jellerette: Film Maker

From the knees down, I was having loss of feeling in my legs. I could not walk without pain and numbness. I’m now 95% back to normal, and the symptoms only flare up with excessive activity. Thanks to Dr. Frank! He gave me back my pep in my step, and eased my fears!!! No wheelchair for me!

Mitchell Feldman: Public Relations

I was experiencing lower back and neck tension, pins and needles in my legs, and my stomach was really upset when I’d be anxious. Due to chiropractic care, my neck/shoulder tension and lower back pain have disappeared, and my legs and feet no longer fall asleep. My posture has improved dramatically and as a result, I feel better about myself. Having now started to exercise and take care of my body, I realize a healthy body provides a good foundation for a healthy mind, soul and heart.

Whitney Schroder: Art Gallery Owner

I had problems with allergies since the day I was born. Every morning they’d bother me. I didn’t want to get out of bed. There was always sinus pressure and headaches. I couldn’t go near dogs, cats, horses or flowers, …all of which I love. After only 2 1/2 weeks of chiropractic care, I have now experienced, for the first time, three allergy-free mornings in a row!

Ann Webre: Writer

For a year I’d had poor digestion of protein and fat, low energy, and couldn’t go out to eat, which affected my relationships and my job. I’d tried everything and spent a ton of money, but in the end, only the chiropractic exercises helped, and they did so quickly and completely. All the things that were recommended removed pressure on my nerves and permitted normal digestion and a return of energy.

Anne Hobbs: Tennis Professional

I’ve had continual loss of range of motion and muscle power over the last two years. I tried physical therapy and acupuncture, but with the chiropractic adjustments I felt an immediate release of blood flow which had enabled me to perform at a high level (100% again). This has enabled me to continue to pursue my professional tennis career. After an adjustment, I feel I’m already 40 – Love up in the game!

Susan Allan: Designer & Philanthropist

I was desperate to prevent the frightening attacks of asthma that had affected me for 16 years before I discovered the “miracle” of chiropractic care, after which I can now unequivocally say that I am at least 90% better. I can never thank you enough for making it possible for me to attain a level of health, happiness and peace that I never dreamed were possible for me. Through it all, you and your staff have been there with love, patience, friendship and advice.

Jacquie Steele: Executive Secretary

For years I suffered with terrible migraine headaches. Even my vision would become unclear. I felt tense and depressed. My shoulder and whole left side were in constant pain, to say nothing of the lower back pain. With chiropractic care to correct the cause of the problems, the migraines have disappeared and my neck feels 100% better. I see better and feel like a new person.

Tony Campbell: Produce Salesman

I was having frequent headaches due to high blood pressure. Since I’ve been seeing Dr. Gilbert for chiropractic adjustments and doing the exercises that he said would help, my health has taken a turn for the better. My blood pressure is no longer high, and I don’t have to take any medication any longer.

June Maloof: Manager

Having years of almost daily headaches, constant neck and shoulder pain, sinus problems and lower back pain, after about 4 months of chiropractic care, the result has been 100%, …Great! I have more energy, no sinus issues, no back or neck pain, no headaches, and my ability to adapt to stress is improved and I have a relaxed feeling. I have never felt better.

Marietta LaFargue: Actor

My daughter Aleta had chronic ear and strep infections. I was very fearful about the amount of antibiotics she was receiving. With a fever of 104, and both infections blossoming, I took her to Dr. Gilbert for her first adjustment. The temperature started reducing within an hour, and her body was able to fight off the infections within 24 hours, rather than the usual week or two.

Judith Johnson: Archivist

For two years, and with increasing frequency, I had severe, frequent headaches, with nausea and visual disturbance. I had low energy and was cancelling work and social dates. I am now without headaches after chiropractic care, and the quality of my whole life has improved.

David Stephens: Make-up Artist

Aside from my chronic neck and shoulder pains improving, I feel such peace and love from Dr. Frank and everyone else in his office. If everyone could radiate even one 10th of the love and peacefulness that this practice does, most of the world’s problems could be solved. They make it seem so easy. Chiropractic is more than just adjusting the spinal column, it is a way of oneness and love!

Eline Zapata: Housewife

I was having hearing loss and ringing in my left ear, chest pains, insomnia, coughing at night, nervousness and depression. Chiropractic care has improved my hearing, and my nose is no longer clogged. I no longer cough, and can sleep well. There is no more pain in my chest and I am beginning to feel my spirits lift.

Rachel Bart: Mom

Our 2 ½ year old Aviv’s asthma persisted for 2 years, with many ER visits and frequent sleepless nights for both him and us. Since starting chiropractic care, he had no flare ups for 6 months now! Thank you so much for much more than physical well-being. Your way of being with Aviv, and us, is an inspiration.

Suzy Hamilton: Singer

Probably from “spinal injury at the time of my birth,” I’ve always suffered with severe earaches, sinus infections, tonsillitis, allergies, and more recently also neck and back pain and a “familial tremor.” With chiropractic care, the tremor is barely noticeable, I am free of pain, don’t need allergy shots, am beginning to pursue a singing career with a healthy instrument, and perhaps best of all, my golf swing is getting better and better!

Ellen Sinkinson: Marketing Director

I am standing straighter, and feel even better both physically and emotionally. I also have more energy and deal with stress better than I have for most of my life.

Alex Forbes: Songwriter

After 2 weeks, the pain I was experiencing in my back, and about which the orthopedist said there was “nothing he could do,” started gradually disappearing and I then knew this care was working. It also seemed like an invisible weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I always feel better walking out than I did walking in.

Myra Turley: Actor

After suffering from about 5 ear infections yearly since infancy, my daughter Tanis had lost 50% of her hearing. In two weeks of chiropractic care, and without surgery, she regained all of her hearing and has never had an ear infection since.

Maite Martinez: Language Teacher

My fatigue, dizziness, tightness in the shoulders shortness of breath, heart palpitations, nervousness and indigestion have diminished greatly, or disappeared. My concentration has improved a lot, which is very amazing to me.

Bruce Mandelbaum: Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist

I am a competitive runner, and it’s important that I’m in good shape on race day. I always get an adjustment and massage the day before a competition. I also go for preventive maintenance to keep myself “tuned up” and less likely to be susceptible to disease.

Raymond Mapps: Attorney

Our 14 month old had been suffering from chronic indigestion and vomiting, almost from birth. Our pediatrician had no answers for us and we were getting very concerned.

With just his first chiropractic adjustment, Taylor stopped throwing up completely! We are firm believers in Dr. Gilbert’s holistic technique of Chiropractic practice.

Steven Golden: Tax Attorney

For 10 years, I’d been having pain from stomach ulcers and colitis. Bladder and prostate problems, along with chronic neck and back pain were also issues with which I’d been dealing. After a year of chiropractic care, all these pains and problems are much less intense and much less frequent than before.

Deborah Alderdice: Office Manager

My body, mind and spirit feel fully expanded when I am properly aligned. I’m more flexible; I get sick less and have a greater sense of wellbeing and connection with my body.

Phil Schmoll: Musician

I have suffered from hay fever for my whole life. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have to take one single pill. I actually had a normal summer for the first time!

Marishel Morales: Chiropractor

I was young, and generally not a healthy person, with severe neck pain that was making my life miserable. With my first day of care with Dr. Gilbert, I felt like a new person. Dr. Gilbert was kind, precise, focused and entirely committed to his profession. It was because of his excellent care that I decided to become what I am today: a Chiropractor.

Jerry Davis: Proofreader

Chiropractic has lessened stress, improved my immune response, helped with bladder function, and has given me a happier view of life. I feel that Chiropractic care improves immeasurably the quality and focus of my existence.


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