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Dr. Franklin Gilbert

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

    I arrived at Dr. Gilbert's office in terrible pain. As a conductor, I had been in agony for a number of years. I was terated with amazing care and expertise. After 2 months of regular adjustments from Dr. Todd Herold and appointments with Dr. Gilbert, my daily pain is GONE, and I have so much more movement while making music. I am now able to exercise regularly and without pain. The care I have afforded is simply the best. In addition, you will not find two kinder and more sensitive gentlemen around! Look no further for your Chiropractic needs.

    Jeffrey M. 10/15/17

    I am a mother to six children and have been a chiropractic patient for nearly 30 years. All of my family gets adjusted about every two weeks to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our children range in age from 24-6. My husband’s job brought us to NY about 5 years ago. We are very pleased with everyone at Central Park Wellness and feel we receive great care. They have given us great referrals for chiropractors in cities where our older children live and one for where we spend the summers. I highly recommend this office to keep your body in alignment.

    Pam J. 12/07/17

    I'm glad I found CPW Wellness! I've had ongoing back issues for the past ten years and have visited many different chiropractors and physical therapists; I know good care when I receive it. They provided me with detailed information on my spine through x-rays and examinations, offered me an affordable treatment plan, and emphasized a holistic approach to recovery including exercises and activity level recommendations. They showed me the measurable progress I had made over my first three months and helped me recover from my back injury enough to go on a 6-day, relatively pain-free backpacking trek in Nepal (which I didn't think was going to be possible). The staff are all very warm and friendly; I felt 'at home' right away.

    Mya S. 01/09/18

    Best Chiropractor care you can find in NY. I've been to at least 10 different ones and Dr Frank and Todd know how to help each patient. I didn't feel I was just doing the same treatment as every other chiropractor does, but instead it was something developed and thought for me only. I appreciated the care and attention during my treatment. Thank you!

    Andr S. 01/29/18

    Back in August last year, I suffered from lower back injury and shoulder pain due to past injuries. I was skeptical at first but continued my visits and performed the exercises at home. Seven later I’m on my way to a 40% recovery of my lower back. I enjoy my sessions. The team is superb and receptionist—Mercedes and Millie are peaches to my six year old son. The office is child friendly and family oriented, which makes it special for me and Jonny during my visits. Thus, I’m recommending friends and family.

    Botumroath L. 02/05/18

    Central Park West Wellness has had a significant positive impact on my life as a whole! After suffering from back pain for most of my life so far, it has been life changing to have found major relief for my pain by the work of CPW Wellness. A bad car accident which injured my back and neck led me to receive a referral to Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Todd by my primary physician in September of 2017. In less than a two months of multiple visits (which included a massage and chiropractic adjustment) my family noticed a change in my posture and especially my neck. Now about six months after the accident, my current x-rays show significant improvement along my spine and neck that I can actually SEE with my own eyes! Not only do I see and feel improvements, the entire staff at CPW Wellness has helped to improve my quality of life as a whole. As a full time student, the improvements in my back and neck pain has helped me focus better on my studies - it actually feels like my brain has relieved so much tension because of my treatment from CPW Wellness. Anyone looking for kind, understanding, proactive, and most importantly - beneficial/helpful chiropractic care needs to visit Central Park West Wellness!

    Alexandria G. 03/14/18

    A few years ago I had an accident that left me with a terrible constant lower back pain that got me to think that I would never be able to live a normal life again, but thank God Dr Herold and Dr Gilbert came into my path and with their adjustments exercises and therapies I have been free of pain for the last few months thank you Dr Herold, thank you Dr Gilbert thank you God

    Nazario B. 06/05/18

    I feel so lucky to have found Central Park Wellness. They discovered some imbalances in my spine and gave me the tools to repair myself. Frank and Todd genuinely care about your well being. The facility is incredibly clean. The front desk staff and assistant are warm and welcoming.

    Dena L. 07/11/18

    They are both excellent chiropractors - extremely pleasant and helpful and experienced.

    Claire B. 07/14/18

    After only 3 months of treatment with Drs Gilbert and Tod I have marked improvement in my two problem areas. I am in my 70s, and didn't realize this was possible. Thanks both!

    Sylvia P. 08/09/18

    After starting to think I’d just have to endure my back and hip pain, I feel better than I have in a long time. Central Park West Wellness is seriously patient-focused. Dr. Frank and Dr. Todd are amazing at what they do…they take x-rays, make an informed and precise diagnosis, make a series of adjustments and then teach the patient home exercises to sustain the improvements. Like any medical office should be…from Millie and Mercedes at the front desk who seem truly happy to see me, to Dr. Frank and Dr. Todd who me feel like I’m the only patient who matters, to Jonathan who, in addition to giving the most amazing massage, couldn’t be nicer!

    Barbara H. 09/29/18

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My daughter's migraines are gone thanks to you and the Central Park Wellness team! We are so grateful for the care you've provided, your thoughtfulness through the process, and the results achieved!

    Edwardyne C. 10/10/18

    The team at CP wellness are amazing. They are so kind and responsive to your needs. You won’t find better people to help you than these guys! Jemma

    Jemma K. 11/19/18

    I have had an excellent experience at Central Park Wellness. The atmosphere is welcoming and the team really cares. The pain in my lower back has been alleviated. Also, my spinal alignment has improved dramatically.

    Stephany D. 12/05/18


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