What is D.A.B.C.I

What is a  DABCIor Chiropractic Internist?

When you see this acronym or title it means your doctor is specially trained and able to diagnose a wide range of conditions and recommend natural treatment options. 

DABCI Qualifications

In order to become a DABCI,  a Chiropractic Physician must complete a 300-hour DABCI program and pass rigorous testing However, the DABCI training doesn't end there. In order to maintain their certificate, diplomats must obtain at least 12 hours each year of continuing education in the area of Nutritional Diagnosis and Wellness and.

Should You See a DABCI-Certified Doctor?

Although we often find people seek us as their last resort, more and more people are turning to DABCIs first when they get sick or are experiencing health issues.

DABCIs first look to holistic and nutritional options to treat the cause of the illness, while many traditional doctors often turn to prescription medication to treat the symptoms of an illness. Let's say you're experiencing stomach complaints. While traditional doctors might prescribe antacid medicine to stop the stomach from secreting acid, a DABCI will try to get to the bottom of why the stomach is inflamed or what nutrients you may not be properly digesting.  Rather than using a topical cream to suppress the symptoms of eczema a DABCI will work to identify the environmental agents and gut dysbiosis that is causing the itching and dry skin. 

Some people who prefer holistic medicine often try DIY treatment methods, like changing their diet or trying essential oils. These practices can be extremely beneficial components of your healing journey. However, you should first rely on someone with the training and expertise to provide you with an accurate diagnosis. A Chiropractic Internist is a great resource for diagnostic help and can work with you to determine the best treatment plan. You can rest easy knowing that you are treating the cause of your ailment, not just the symptoms.

Dr. Jeurink is not only a DABCI, but she is the past President of the board that certifies DABCI's and is a current instructor for the program.

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