Our Kinesiologists

Marie Taronga

BHK, Health & Exercise Sciences
C.S.E.P. C.P.T.,  F.M.S.

Practicing Kinesiologist

Marie received her Bachelor of Human Kinetics majoring in Clinical Exercise Physiology at the University of British Columbia- Okanagan. During her undergrad experience, she had a keen interest in the clinical and research areas of her curriculum. Working along side members of the Centre for Heart, Lung, & Vascular Health, Marie analyzed how cardiovascular and pulmonary systems can be manipulated to optimally improve health in COPD patients.

Her position as a registered kinesiologist alongside the outstanding team of health professionals at Woodgrove Pines allows her to express her knowledge and translate learned tools to clients regarding health lifestyle management, and physical activity programming. Whether you’re keen to improve mobility and strength after injury through a rehabilitation program, increase stability and confidence, and prevent falls as an older individual, lose weight and improve body mass, or excel as an athlete and improve athletic performance. Understanding your health and fitness goals, Marie will help you gain the tools to help solve foreseen challenges and integrate both scientific and societal factors.

Marie's education played a large role in her own lifestyle transformation. She enjoys sharing her expertise and seeing the individuals she trains realize how much control they have over every aspect of their life to ultimately achieve their goals and get far beyond their starting point.

Marie takes life by the horns being an activity-seeking enthusiast and attracts to experiences that challenge her. On weekends you can find her playing in Nanaimo’s backyard, running, hiking, and her latest dose of adrenaline- mountain biking. She likes to smile and loves to laugh! Marie is looking forward to seeing you soon!


  • Bachelor of Human Kinetics, Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours) (UBC- Okanagan)
  • British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists Practicing Member
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology- Certified Personal Trainer
  • Functional Movement Systems Certified (F.M.S.)
  • SportMED BC
  • Nanaimo Dragon Boat Dry Land Training
  • Aquatic Therapy Rehabilitation
  • University of British Columbia Okanagan's Centre for Heart, Lung & Vascular Health Laboratory
  • University of British Columbia Okanagan Human Kinetics Tutor and Laboratory Teaching Assistant

Athletic History

  • Member of the 2015/16 Nanaimo Hornets Rugby Club
  • Recipient of the 2015/16 Nanaimo Hornets Rugby Women’s Team Rookie of the Year
  • Member of the Nanaimo Volleyball Club
  • Member of the Oceanside Outdoor Sport Beach Volleyball

Alison Courtney

Alison Courtney

BS Kin, BCAK Kinesiologist 

Alison completed her degree at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS.  It was at school when her interest in Stroke Rehabilitation first developed through a volunteer opportunity at the Nova Scotia Rehabilitation Centre.  Since university, she has continued to pursue this interest by working with the March of Dimes program as well as completing a Stroke Rehabilitation Course.

Alison has also completed courses in aquatic therapy and Soft tissue release (STR) technique. 

Having competed as a university rugby player and FIS snowboard cross (SBX) racer, Alison knows first hand what it means to train as a healthy competitive athlete, but also what it means to travel the road to recovery after significant injury.  Her experiences in sport sparked an interest in concussion management and she brings both personal and clinical knowledge which she believes can assist others.  

Outside work, Alison loves to volunteer and explore the world around her.  She enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking and recreational team sports.  She plans to do more surfing now that she will be living on Vancouver Island.  

Alison looks forward to joining our Wellness Clinic team, along with being an active member of the community on the island.  


Jason Clare

Bachelor in Kinesiology and Health Science (Honours)
Practicing Kinesiologist with BCAK 
Certified Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) Level 1

Please welcome Kinesiologist Jason Clare to our team of health care professionals! Jason completed his degree in Toronto at York University with a Bachelors in Kinesiology and Health Science (with Honours). Taking a huge interest in muscle physiology as his specialization, Jason has been a volunteer jumps coach for the track community in Nanaimo for many years. To that end, he hopes to apply the similarities of functional movement in sport to everyday life. 

Jason has lived in Nanaimo his entire life. He began his athletic career in track and field at a very early age with the Nanaimo track and field club. However, being a young athlete in high level sport led to an influx of injuries and a lot of time working with many rehab specialists, which sparked his interest in the field of health care. While growing up, Jason played almost every sport under the sun, which led to him taking his love of sports to the track as a pole-vaulter. As a result, his highest level of sport was qualifying for multiple Provincial teams (2X national champion), being part of the Canadian National Team Pool and qualifying for two Canadian National teams. Moreover, Jason was on the York University Varsity track and field team throughout his university career.

Jason is currently booked to receive his FMS training certificate. He believes functional movement is a key element to a healthy, pain-free life, and is excited to share his knowledge of FMS, whether it be for rehabilitation, aches and pains, or to simply get a jump start on a healthy lifestyle. His focus is to generally teach stabilization of neutral and proper position of joints, and to then learn functional strength and mobility from this position. Jason will encourage and help anyone from all populations to use movement and exercise as a means to improve their own well-being. 

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